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Marvel Movie Minute, season 4: Thor minute 40 • Thor 040: Why doesn't Loki change size?

Thor 040: Why Doesn’t Loki Change Size?

Minute Forty: From Talk of Treason to Talk of Heritage

Jessica Plummer, Book RiotJoining us sadly for the last time this week is Jessica Plummer, author and contributing editor at Book Riot, as we discuss treason with the Warriors Three and Lady Sif as well as Loki’s slowly growing need to know what’s going on with his tranformations.

In the Fortieth minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor

  • We complain about the fact that we have so few great moments like this with the Warriors Three.
  • Jessica gives us some history on the Warriors Three and Jack Kirby’s character types, showing how these largely pull from a set of archetypes he used often.
  • Did Josh Lucas want more comedy and didn’t get it so didn’t come back, or could he see where the treatment of Fandral and the Warriors Three was headed when he opted to not return?
  • It speaks to what Marvel’s done with characters and actors now that they largely don’t want to drop out because a small role can become so much more.
  • There’s even more of Fandral, Volstagg, Hogun and Sif in the script here and it’s great material, but in context of the film, it’s not necessary. Still, it speaks to how great they could have been as characters if they weren’t used strictly as jokes so often.
  • Could it be that they’re also upset because they know Loki is now lined up to be king?
  • Fandral seems to realize the line between mischief and treason. Was Loki meaning to be treasonous and committing a coup d’état?

Loki approaches the Casket of Ancient Winters to find out the truth.

  • Hiddleston is terrific in this moment as he debates whether to pick the Casket up or not.
  • It seems clear to us that he knows the truth but does this to confirm what he knows.
  • It’s almost like Odin is drawn here at this moment as well.
  • It’s clear that it’s too late for Odin to tell Loki the truth here, though perhaps it would’ve been a better option to have been cursed and not to have been stolen after the Battle against the Jotuns.
  • We debate the spell on Loki and how it reveals his frost giant heritage but doesn’t change his size.
  • Odin’s “Stop!” was scripted as stopping the Destroyer from blasting the person picking up the Casket. We talk about how the delivery feels like there’s an intensity behind it so we debate if Hopkins thought he was acting against Hiddleston here or the Destroyer.
  • But how does the Destroyer know when the wrong person is touching the Casket?
  • Unrelated, Odin’s outfit is so beautiful and it’s finally not armor!
  • And what about those marks on frost giant Loki? When we say baby Loki, we’ll have to compare markings.
  • Last but not least, we complain some more about the blue nature of both the Casket and the Tesseract, particularly how they came out in such close proximity.

From treason talk with Thor’s friends to frost giant heritage arguing between Loki and Odin, we have a lot to discuss with Jessica. Tune in!

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