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Marvel Movie Minute Season Four: Thor • Minute 47: Why doesn't Agent Coulson recruit Jane?

Thor 047: Why Doesn’t Agent Coulson Recruit Jane?

Minute Forty-Seven: From Jane’s Frustration to Rooftop Depression

Matt CarrollJoining us to discuss Agent Coulson’s gentle appropriation of all of Jane’s research and gear is Matt Carroll, one of the two co-hosts of the award-winning MCUCast and founder of the Stranded Panda Podcast Network.

In the forth-seventh minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor

  • Agent Coulson works well as the distraction point person, keeping Jane’s attention focused on himself so his team can continue taking all of her gear.
  • Again, how does Erik know so much about SHIELD? Does he know who Agent Coulson is? Or is it simply the word SHIELD puts him in such fear?
  • SHIELD and Agent Coulson really act like a shadow government organization here. It’s interesting how Coulson acts, particularly as his character (and SHIELD) continue moving forward.
  • There is that sense of personal rights versus the collective good here. Which side are we on?
  • SHIELD isn’t quite at the point where they want to bring the actual scientists into their fold yet, and when they do bring the scientist in charge of this information into the fold, why is it Erik rather than Jane?
  • Granted, Natalie Portman likely was less interested in playing in bit roles across the MCU than Stellan Skarsgård was.
  • But in context of the story, it would’ve made so much more sense to bring Jane along.
  • We revel in how much comedy flows through this film in so many beats. That bit when Jane comments on her journal holding everything then Agent Coulson signals one of his agents to take it? Great comedy.
  • Erik, as usual, stands and absorbs most of the time. Until Jane needs him.
  • And we try to identify as many agents in here as we can. But what’s with all the female agents that aren’t listed anywhere? Very frustrating.
  • Last but not least, we talk about the departing convoy and the lone truck that left way earlier.

Agent Coulson and SHIELD is gone. The Scientists Three retreat to the roof.

  • Is this meant to create a bit of a rooftop connection with the donut moment in Iron Man 2?
  • In the script, the scene with the Warriors Three and Loki would’ve separated these two scenes. Clearly, the editors found a better way to create a flow in the film.
  • No matter how you slice it, this is another great Branagh dutch angle.

SHIELD raids Jane’s lab and we’re here to talk about it with Matt Carroll. Tune in!

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