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Marvel Movie Minute Season Four: Thor • Minute 50: How much do Loki and Sif hate each other? Is it just because Loki won't change Odin's last command?

Thor 050: How Much Do Loki and Sif Hate Each Other?

Minute Fifty: From Odin’s Last Command to Erik’s Library Stop

Matt CarrollJoining us to discuss Loki’s ascension to the throne, the shared disdain he and the Warriors Three & Sif share, and Erik in the library is Matt Carroll, one of the two co-hosts of the award-winning MCUCast and founder of the Stranded Panda Podcast Network.

In the fiftieth minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor

  • Loki seems like he’s being insincere with his friends when he says he can’t change Odin’s last command, but he also seems somewhat right in what he says.
  • But to that end, politicians change things all the time. Who would judge Loki if he went back on Odin’s last command and brought Thor back, ending his banishment?
  • What’s with the lens flare in this scene?
  • Sif clearly is the emotion character here. Her reaction is full of anger toward Loki. Clearly, he’s already cut her hair.
  • Fandral and Hogun hold Sif back when she rises up to attack Loki. That is very much a parallel to Erik holding Jane back from the SHIELD agents.
  • No one looks thrilled about Loki being on the throne, or about the fact that he won’t change Odin’s last command, but they largely all start acting as if he really is king.
  • Volstagg comes at Loki from a different direction, one that’s more affable. But even this doesn’t work to change Loki’s mind about reversing Odin’s last command.
  • Is Volstagg laughing because he’s being sincere or because he’s nervous? We try to gauge what he’s doing there.
  • Interestingly, this moment of Volstagg’s isn’t in the script, and we’re very much glad it is.
  • What a look Sif gives Loki before she departs. And what’s with Loki’s interesting (and slight) move toward Sif? They both play this so well. Jaimie Alexander and Tom Hiddleston square off perfectly. This should be a showdown in the Old West.
  • Where are their departing salutes?

Because Odin’s last command stands, Thor’s still on Midgard and we join Erik in the Puente Antiguo library.

  • No idea who the background actor is here in the library.
  • So this email Erik sends is to Hank Pym!
  • There was a scene with a librarian reading Norse mythology to kids. It was a bit on the nose. We’re glad we don’t have that.
  • We try to figure out where this is in Puente Antiguo. It seems like it’s in the Greyhound Station…?
  • Last but not least, we look at the Read Campaign poster and its history.

There’s a lot to unpack with Loki’s comments and the Warriors Three’s & Sif’s reactions to them. Tune in!

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