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Marvel Movie Minute Season Four: Thor • Minute 51: Where's the fan art of Thor riding a tiger out of Pet Palace?

Thor 051: Where’s the Fan Art of Thor Riding a Tiger Out of Pet Palace?

Minute Fifty-One: From Library Books to Flirtatious Looks

Joining us today to discuss Erik reading a library book, Thor asking a man about a horse in Pet Palace, and Jane offering Thor a ride is Scott Carelli, founder of Dueling Genre Podcast Network and host of Franchisography.Scott Carelli

In the fifty-first minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor

  • Erik finishes his email but gets distracted by some books. We go through all the books on the cart he looks at, but was there intention to what the production design department picked?
  • Erik finally settles on the book Myths and Legends from Around the World. It’s a fake book and even though it says it’s stories from around the world, Erik sure seems to hone in on the pages about Norse mythology.
  • The book ‘The Long Christmas’ makes us pine for a Thor holiday special.
  • It’s interesting to read Erik’s reaction when he reads through the pages about Thor. As a scientist, it’s like seeing a ghost and trying to wrap your head around this.
  • What’s funny is that the writing about the Bifrost says the red of the bridge is fire that would burn their feet. How great would that be to see that! Regardless, it does feel like a detail that came from myth and legend.

Thor visits Pet Palace to see a guy about a horse.

  • Meanwhile, Jane idles in the Pinzgauer outside waiting for Erik. Anyone know where Darcy is?
  • And weirdly, Thor is still wandering the town going nowhere for a long time, because Jane sees him and she spots him walking into Pet Palace.
  • The misunderstanding in Pet Palace is why Scott wanted to join us because it’s such a great fish-out-of-water moment.
  • Kyle, the employee, quickly tells Thor that they don’t sell horses. It’s a priceless reaction.
  • All the animals perk up when Thor comes in. Clearly he’s a man of animals. We will now call him the Puppy Prince.

Jane interrupts Thor’s quest in Pet Palace to offer Thor a ride.

  • She’s clearly over Erik’s issues and asks Thor if he still needs a lift.
  • How much of this is the romantic comedy element? Or is it all scientific inquiry?
  • Clearly, she’s a bit fascinated by this guy who just doesn’t make sense to her.
  • To that point, where were she and Erik heading?
  • Once Thor agrees to come along, what is she hoping will happen?
  • Thor’s reaction to Jane is telling as to whether he’s done stuff like this before.
  • Interesting Easter egg here – Jane has a Culver University parking tag on her windshield and a badge for the school as well. But why doe they have her working in the Experimental Particle Physics department. Why this and not astrophysics?
  • Is that video shop across from Pet Palace Stan’s Video? Another nod to Stan Lee?

Erik’s having flashbacks to his youth, Thor’s confusing the pet shop employee, and Jane’s feeling like doing something she’s never done before. Tune in!

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