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Marvel Movie Minute Season Four: Thor • Minute 56: Do Thor and Mjølnir sense each other?

Thor 056: Do Thor and Mjølnir Sense Each Other?

Minute Fifty-Six: From Red Alert to White Tunnels

Joining us on the show today to discuss Jane’s message, Erik’s last name, and Thor’s mission are Andrew Darowski, host of Disney Animation Minute Essentials, and Joe Darowski, host of The Protagonist Podcast.Andrew Darowski

In the fifty-sixth minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor

  • Dutch angles? We don’t need no stinkin’ dutch angles! Actually, it seems to be that Branagh slows the dutch angles down during fight scenes.
  • Holy cow! Natalie Portman’s so funny! Her monologue as she leaves a message for Erik is hilarious. Great comedy from Portman and Jane’s message.
  • Ever thought about E.T. when you see the SHIELD Crater Base? We call it the hamster cage but it feels an awful lot like what the governmental figures set up at Elliott’s house.
  • This hamster cage feels very flimsy and cheap. They were clearly going for something that could be set up quickly, but does it work or does it end up feeling more like something from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?
  • It also feels like they’re trying to keep things sterile, but what and why? And if so, why aren’t the people in sterile suits?
  • What changed with Thor that got him sneaking so much instead of just running in and fighting?

Back to Jane’s message for Erik.

  • Does Erik actually pronounce his last name as Selvidge? Or is it just that it crackles while he’s talking?
  • It’s hard to tell and we’re likely wrong, but there is a bit that makes it sound that way.
  • Regardless, the focus is Jane’s message, not what Erik says for his message.
  • Why does Jane assume Erik knows where they are?
  • So much is revealed in this call about Jane’s relationship with her advisor. It’s so impulsive of her!

Back to the hamster cage.

  • Andy spent far too much time mapping out where Thor was through this whole chase in the hamster cage.
  • Thor clearly loves the fact that lightning strikes and thunder rumbles. Does that mean he and Mjølnir have some psychic connection?
  • To that end, is that ringing sound from Mjølnir something everyone can hear when they grab its handle? Or only Thor? Regardless, there’s a great hum that starts with the shot of Mjølnir and it reminds us how much we love all the sounds that connect to it.
  • Thor works his way around the complex and finally runs into the hamster cage entrance. But what happens to the guard who runs in after him?
  • The first fight in the entrance to the hamster cage feels a bit generic. Nothing too special, but nothing wrong with it either.
  • Was that move that pulled his rain slicker intentional? Or accidental and they kept it in?
  • Thor really feels like a secret agent, not a god fighting men, in this hamster cage fight sequence. It is a great contrast seeing him fight mano a mano without his hammer.
  • In the script, there’s a moment where Thor picks up a rifle then throws it at an ATV’s headlights. This is why there’s an ATV crash seen throughout these next few minutes!
  • We’re really glad they didn’t give him a gun. That would’ve seemed strange. These aren’t bad guys, after all.

We’ve got Jane’s message of hilarity and Thor’s journey into the hamster cage with Andrew and Joe. Tune in!

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