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Marvel Movie Minute Season Four: Thor • Minute 55: Does Agent Sitwell ever smile?

Thor 055: Does Agent Sitwell Ever Smile?

Minute Fifty-Five: From Thor’s Punchline to Thor’s Punch

Joining us today to discuss Thor’s joke about flying out, Agent Sitwell’s first appearance in the MCU, and Thor’s break-in into the SHIELD Crater base is Scott Carelli, founder of Dueling Genre Podcast Network and host of Franchisography.Scott Carelli

In the fifty-fifth minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor

  • Thor has a great line delivery on his punchline, and the fact that he just walks away is perfect.
  • If we stayed on him as he walked away, he totally would be smirking about having said the cool line.
  • We jump to a Mjølnir-eye view to see that it’s starting to rain. Is this because Thor is getting close to Mjølnir?
  • There didn’t seem to be a lot of interference when the townies were here so it feels like it must be the two of them.
  • This storm came in very quickly. It wasn’t that long ago that Thor and Jane were driving under clear skies.

It’s time to introduce Agent Jasper Sitwell into the MCU!

  • Is it telling that every shot of him is a dutch angle? Or is that hard to read since so many shots in the film are dutch angles anyway?
  • Sitwell was first introduced in Strange Tales with a Nick Fury storyline. He’s served with Tony Stark. But was he nice? He sure seems serious here. Were they already planning his HYDRA role?
  • We look at Maximiliano Hernández with the IMDb game. It’s harder than we thought it would be!
  • We also do the IMDb game for the Techie and some of the Agents.
  • We’re glad the Techie’s extra lines were cut out. These characters really shouldn’t be fun or funny.

We dig into Southwest Flight 5434 as Agent Sitwell diverts it.

  • But it doesn’t go anywhere.
  • We call it the Easter egg that wasn’t.
  • What’s interesting though is that the screen shows the Event Zone, but it’s near northern New Mexico. So that breaks our thinking about where Puente Antiguo is. Now, we’re thinking it’s closer to Las Vegas, NM.

Thor breaks in.

  • SHIELD seems so low-tech. It’s strange and feels more Agents of SHIELD.
  • Thor does go in stealth-mode here as he dons an Agent’s rain slicker.
  • Tension builds as Thor works his way toward Mjølnir.
  • But why are there barrels of toxic chemicals here?

Thor reveals his intentions to fly out, Agent Sitwell diverts a Southwest flight, and Thor knocks two SHIELD agents out. It’s a busy episode. Tune in!

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