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Marvel Movie Minute Season Four: Thor • Minute 59: What's wrong with Mjølnir?

Thor 059: What’s Wrong With Mjølnir?

Minute Fifty-Nine: From Rainy Triumph to Rainy Failure

Joining us to discuss Thor’s failure to move Mjølnir and Coulson’s and Hawkeye’s reactions to it are Andrew Darowski from Disney Animation Minute Essentials and Joe Darowski from The Protagonist Podcast.Andrew Darowski

In the Fifty-Ninth minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor

  • This is a big minute for Thor. He just can’t pick up Mjølnir. It’s the low point for Thor on his hero’s journey. But it’s great that Thor’s failure doesn’t have to involve a funeral like Spider-Man.
  • This story is so big and fantastical, but this moment of Thor’s failure is so human and internal.
  • Does Thor get it? Does he understand yet? We think it’s likely the next minute when he finally will start to understand, but here, the hammer won’t budge and Thor’s failure breaks his brain.
  • Thor’s failure is very relatable. We’ve all had moments like this.
  • It’s great seeing Thor go from believing he can pull the hammer to complete confusion from his failure.
  • Wow, did Chris Hemsworth really work out for this scene. He really looks like the strongest man in the world.

Did any of us think that he would be able to lift Mjølnir and the story would continue from there?

  • Unfortunately, few of us remember but this moment of Thor’s failure really makes sense for this particularly hero’s journey.
  • Patrick Doyle’s score already has such power, pride and strength in it. This moment shines for Doyle as it carries such a range of emotions.
  • Early on, we have a great god’s eye view shot. Is this Heimdall’s perspective as he watches what Thor’s going through?
  • Unrelated to that, what are all these chemical tanks around for? Are they meant to imply the sorts of experiments they’re doing on Mjølnir?
  • Barton’s starting to root for Thor. What does this mean? He’s beating his own team’s agents. Is it a rebel thing?
  • Coulson wants to watch what’s going to happen, but what if Thor got his powers and flew off? This certainly feels like the naïve character from the show.
  • The script had a lot of electricity coming off the hammer. Here, it’s just a… feeling?… that Coulson has?
  • Honestly, it must just be the sheer determination that Thor has that makes Coulson want to see what’s going to happen.
  • Would Coulson think Thor might just be another drunk townie?
  • Interestingly, there’s a dutch angle that almost looks like Thor’s hammer pull is actually moving the shot.
  • This is seriously a powerful piece of set dressing. It really just doesn’t budge.
  • How many of these agents have tried by now to pull the hammer?
  • Last thought: “Lavender.” We really want to hear Coulson say this.

It’s the bottom of the barrel for Thor today as he can’t pick up Mjølnir. Where will we go from this big moment of Thor’s failure? Tune in!

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