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Marvel Movie Minute Season Four: Thor • Minute 60: Is Thor screaming at Odin or Coulson?

Thor 060: Is Thor Screaming at Odin or Coulson?

Minute Sixty: From Odin’s-Eye View to Odin’s Triquetra

Joining us to discuss Thor’s scream of agony and confusion as well as Coulson’s possibly sympathy for him are Andrew Darowski from Disney Animation Minute Essentials and Joe Darowski from The Protagonist Podcast.Andrew Darowski

In the sixtieth minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor

  • Thor screams at the heavens. It’s sad. It’s powerful. Heartbreaking. It’s all of his emotional weight coming out in intensity.
  • Thor clearly knows he’s looking up at Heimdall and maybe Odin. But it’s kinda funny that Coulson is right there too. We like to think maybe he’s screaming at Coulson. Who’s literally staring at him from above.
  • Thor’s scream feels like a child melting down. He still has no understanding as to what’s going on. Or at least it may be slowly starting.
  • We break down parental responsive quadrants and discuss where Odin perhaps falls. And Frigga too. She was awfully permissive of Thor.
  • Was there a switch in Odin’s parenting style after everything he did with Hela? Did that leave Frigga to carry the load?

We cut to Jane and see her reaction.

  • It’s shot like she’s seeing this which makes no sense but it does make sense that she’s reacting to Thor’s scream.
  • Coulson also seems to be reacting to Thor’s scream. Or maybe he just wishes something happened.
  • Hawkeye doesn’t look at all. At least we don’t get a shot of him.
  • But to that point, we do determine that all the clips of Renner were shot after the fact to fit in to this scene after the fact.
  • We hope the guy who Renner replaced doesn’t feel too bad about being replaced.

Thor falls to his knees in defeat.

  • Patrick Doyle’s music works so well here and doesn’t make the scene feel too much.
  • The slo-mo scream feels a bit Peter Jackson but when he’s on his knees, the slo-mo of the water dripping off his face works really well.
  • That Doyle shift to the hopeful/sad theme as the triquetra appears on the hammer is incredible. Between Thor’s scream and this moment, this minute if filled with emotional power.
  • It’s likely seeing the appearance of the triquetra on the side of Mjølnir that signals to Thor that this is by design.
  • Last but not least, we discuss the place of Thor in the MCU. It’s not the favorite or least favorite of anyone. But how interesting that it has such a substantial footprint throughout the MCU.

It’s an episode of Thor realizing the reality of his situation for the first time, and he screams it out. Joe and Andrew Darowski are here to dig into it. Tune in!

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