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Marvel Movie Minute Season Four: Thor • Minute 69: Why boilermakers, Erik?

Thor 069: Why Boilermakers, Erik?

Minute Sixty-Nine: From Protective in the Pub to Lonely on Jotunheim

Bryon Lockheart

Joining us to discuss the wrap-up (and boilermakers) between Thor and Erik in the bar as well as the figure arriving on Jotunheim is Bryon Lockhart, host of the Marine Corps Movie Minute and Co-Host of the Marvel Events Timeline Podcasts.

In the sixty-ninth minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor

  • Erik’s protective feelings for Jane really kick in here as he tells Thor he needs to leave town tonight.
  • Does that make sense? Is he overstepping his bounds as far as Jane and any possible relationship with Thor?
  • Is Erik a bit of the Culver University Godfather?
  • Should Erik be meddling in Jane’s romantic interests? Does that diminish Jane as a character that she needs someone to control her love life?
  • Or is there something more in relation to how Jane’s father lived and/or died?
  • And is it a problem that this story point never comes back?
  • We sure hope that Erik shows up in Thor: Love & Thunder. As it looks now, neither he nor Darcy are in the credits, which hurts our hearts.
  • Again, Thor very much takes in what Erik says about leaving town and speaks in a 100% honest way as he agrees to the deal. This is a side of Thor we just love.
  • Chris Hemsworth plays Thor with such authentic honesty. It’s an important element in his character.
  • Perhaps it’s that Thor very much believes in honoring a debt. Erik did help him get free, after all.

Is it odd that Erik orders them boilermakers to seal the deal?

  • Perhaps it’s just because of how Stellan Skarsgård says the word ‘boilermaker.’
  • We go through the history of boilermakers a bit. Did you know they’re from Montana?
  • These glasses seem ridiculously large. Like these characters are hobbits marveling at how ‘they come in pints!’
  • The unspoken drinking contest is very funny.
  • The deleted scene of Erik smashing the glass and screaming for “Another!” works well. It’s a shame we didn’t get it.
  • Erik also gets rip-roaring drunk. We see him and Thor singing outside on the streets. Erik passes out. Thor carries him back to Jane’s trailer. It’s a fun scene and in a way, helps us buy that Erik’s more comfortable with Thor sticking around.
  • The scene with Erik really reminds us that not only is Thor handsome, but he’s incredibly charismatic and everyone wants to be in his presence. Erik’s clearly having a good time with him. Great bonding.

Who is the mysterious figure arriving on Jotunheim?

  • We see the bifrost drop off a single figure at the Bifrost junction on Jotunheim and they start walking toward Utgardhall. Who could this be?
  • And why does the landscape look so different again?
  • It’s important to know someone is arriving through the Bifrost. It’s not some magical other arrival through a back door. Interesting…

From the warmth of the bar in Puente Antiguo to the icy realm of Jotunheim, we’ve got a lot to discuss today with Bryon Lockheart. Tune in!

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