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Marvel Movie Minute Season Four: Thor • Minute 68: Why is Erik so protective of Jane?

Thor 068: Why Is Erik So Protective of Jane?

Minute Sixty-Eight: From Not Having All the Answers to Only Caring About Her

Bryon Lockheart

Joining us to take a stop in the local bar with Erik and Thor as Thor introspects and Erik acts protective of Jane is Bryon Lockhart, host of the Marine Corps Movie Minute and Co-Host of the Marvel Events Timeline Podcasts.

In the sixty-eighth minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor

  • This is yet another long talky scene in the film, which hasn’t had many of these. Erik and Thor converse in the bar, and we really like it. But why is Erik so protective of Jane?
  • Thor learns to embrace his own humility here. It’s great seeing him finally look within.
  • Is his looking within still too self-focused to make him worthy? Would it have been more valuable to focus on the loss of his father?
  • Or is it that the self-reflection really comes from from the loss of his father?
  • Should an Asgardian more than 1000 years old be wiser than Thor is? Does it make sense that he’s only as wise as a twenty-something?
  • Do Erik’s lines sound like wisdom or drunk wisdom?
  • Erik and Thor seem to each be having their own conversations, but they tie together well.
  • Erik getting serious and focusing on Thor possibly being delusional, it’s clear he cares about Jane.
  • The scripted bar scene has a lot more meat to it. We find that the extended conversation in the bar has a more logical flow and we think it would’ve worked better to develop the emotions between these two characters.
  • But did we need the drunk townies Pete and Jake starting a fight with Erik?
  • That being said, it’s important that Thor isn’t one who gets involved in the fight. That’s another moment showing his growth.
  • Does Erik’s nature to be so protective of Jane make sense? He’s just her mentor from school. Sure, he knew Jane’s father, but is that enough?

Thor tries to look inward, possibly for the first time in his life, and Erik’s here to help… as long as it doesn’t hurt Jane. So much to discuss with Bryon Lockheart. Tune in!

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