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Marvel Movie Minute Season Four: Thor • Minute 72

Thor 072: How Drunk Did Thor & Erik Get?

Minute Seventy-Two: From Loki’s Warning to Thor’s Delivery

Joining us to discuss the working relationship between Loki and Heimdall, as well as the arrival of Thor with a drunk Erik over his shoulder is Bubbawheat from the Flights, Tights and Movie Nights podcast!

Bubbawheat – Flights, Tights, and Movie Nights podcast

In the seventy-second minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor

  • Heimdall takes a long time to reply to Loki about his loyalties. And Loki looks unhappy about that.
  • Is Heimdall feeling guilt now that he earlier betrayed Odin to let Thor go down to Jotunheim? Or was that a situation where the ends more justified the means?
  • Is part of the reason Loki asks this now is because he knows Heimdall disobeyed Odin earlier and wants to make sure he knows so Heimdall doesn’t obey now?
  • We debate this point for a bit. Very interesting moment here.
  • Loki walks out with a comment about Thor’s mess. What’s he mean by that?
  • Is he afraid Heimdall will open the Bifrost to Thor? Or is he worried that Heimdall may bring Thor back?

Meanwhile, back on Midgard…

  • Jane’s now reading Erik’s library book. Kinda distracted, but still reading it.
  • We see she eats GoLean Crunch!
  • Thor shows up with a drunk Erik thrown over his shoulder. How drunk did Erik get? Does it matter that we didn’t get to see the bar fight or Erik passing out in the street?
  • Erik seems to be buddy-buddy with Thor now. So does that mean Thor can stay?
  • Thor’s metabolism is Asgardian but he’s mortal. Why is he handling his liquor so well?
  • When Thor says Erik made his ancestors proud, what would it have been that made them proud?
  • But where did Thor get this plaid coat? It was laying on the bar. Did he steal someone else’s coat?
  • It’s kinda a lumberjack flannel chique… in other words, fairly ugly.
  • We identify Jane’s shirt, thanks to people online. It’s not Miss Minutes though. It’s called Wandering Sun designed by Marc Jacobs.
  • And Bubbawheat points out a few of the movies that Jane has on DVD in her trailer.

It’s a fun minute full of kingly warnings and drunk deliveries with Bubbawheat. Tune in!

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