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Marvel Movie Minute Season Four: Thor • Minute 73

Thor 073: Do They Need a Permit to Have a Fire on the Roof of Smith Motors?

Minute Seventy-Three: From Erik’s Drunk Talk to Jane’s Roof Talk

Joining us to discuss the move away from Jane’s trailer to let Erik sleep it off up to the roof, where Jane and Thor chat is Bubbawheat from the Flights, Tights and Movie Nights podcast.

Bubbawheat – Flights, Tights, and Movie Nights podcast

In the seventy-third minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor

  • Erik doesn’t think Thor is the god of thunder but he ought to be. So clearly, there’s no more animosity here. And he’s a bit of a father figure for Thor now?
  • To that end, it doesn’t matter we never saw what happened in the bar between Thor and Erik but it’s so great how clear the bond between the two men has grown.
  • But the script was more on the nose so we’re again glad that Branagh toned it down a bit.
  • Thor takes Erik to Jane’s trailer. Was Erik too drunk to tell Thor where he’s staying? Or does he bring her to Jane’s trailer because he is still so drawn to her?
  • Or is Thor unsure about their relationship? They do seem very awkward. We talk about that ‘flirted but gone too far’ reaction they both have.
  • Clearly, Thor doesn’t want to leave. This moment again shines as part of the romantic comedy beats in this film.
  • We also love how Thor is framed to be incredibly large in this small space.
  • Jane gets flustered and hides her cereal. This also is complete RomCom.
  • We talk about how much we’re buying into (or not) the growing relationship between Thor and Jane.
  • To that end, is this the first woman Thor has actually fallen for?

Thor and Jane take it to the roof.

  • Fire on the roof? Are there any permits needed for that?
  • Again, Natalie Portman proves her comedy skills with her line delivery here.
  • This location is such a great one. That neon sign behind them stuns.
  • Being outside by the fire certainly has a Norse mythos feel for Thor and his fellow mythological characters.
  • Being on the roof also brings these characters closer to the gods metaphorically.
  • Thor’s himbo elements shine here as he so clearly focuses on, listens to and engages with Jane.
  • To that end, is this part of his journey to rebuild? His draw to someone who can potentially save him?
  • Patrick Doyle’s use of the Thor theme as romance here is perfect.

It’s the start of something romantic in this minute, and Bubbawheat’s here for all of it. Tune in!

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