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Marvel Movie Minute Season Four: Thor • Minute 77

Thor 077: Who’s More Grim, Hogun or Heimdall?

Minute Seventy-Seven: From The Plan to The Bifrost

Joining us to discuss Hogun’s words, the decision the Warriors Three and Sif make, Heimdall’s reaction, and the Observatory kicking into high gear are once again Miles Stokes and Elisabeth Allie from the podcast Thor: The Lightning and the Storm.

Elisabeth Allie

In the seventy-seventh minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor

  • Was it meant to be a moment of comedy between Sif and Hogun the Grim? Or did Sif have a different plan than Hogun?
  • Regardless, the moment plays in a comedic way.
  • There’s also the fact that Hogun speaks again. Is that why everyone turns to him suddenly when he speaks?
  • Could it be that they’re surprised to hear from the Vanir that he feels they need to lay their lives down for the Asgardian prince?
  • We pine for the lack of facial hair on Hogun. And where is all of their fantastic headgear?
  • We discuss Hogun from the comics a bit as well.
  • And we point out that they cast the actor who played Genghis Khan in the film Mongol to play Hogun, which seems to fit his look in the comics.
  • Fandral seems to be the one more focused on following orders. To that end, it certainly fits the single traits they’re each given.
  • Fandral came close to death on Jotunheim. We wonder why we don’t get any acknowledgement in this scene from him that it may be affecting his decisions here.
  • Sif says Thor would do the same for them. But didn’t he ignore their pleas on Jotunheim to leave? Or is it that she means he’d break the rules for them?
  • We comment again on how much we’d love to see the Asgardian high school show to see all of these characters when young.
Miles Stokes

Heimdall’s been watching as it turns out.

  • What rank is Heimdall as it concerns the Warriors Three and Sif? Are they on the same level? Does Loki as king change that?
  • Again, we love Idris Elba in the role, even if he doesn’t get to do much.
  • We dig into Heimdall a bit more from the comics as well.
  • We wonder why Heimdall does his strange fake-out things so often in this film.
  • There certainly is an element of a dangerous game that Heimdall plays with them here as far as his loyalties because he’s essentially committing treason as they are.

It’s a fun minute with Volstagg, Fandral, Hogun the Grim, Sif, Heimdall, Miles, and Elisabeth. Tune in!

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