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Marvel Movie Minute Season Four: Thor • Minute 76

Thor 076: Who Else Can Stress Eat Like Volstagg?

Minute Seventy-Six: From Drawing Yggdrasil to Stress Eating

Joining us to chat more about Thor’s attempt at drawing and explaining the Nine Realms, as well as Fandral’s yelling at Volstagg about his stress eating are Miles Stokes and Elisabeth Allie from the podcast Thor: The Lightning and the Storm.

Elisabeth Allie

In the seventy-sixth minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor

  • We’re closing out the RomCom rooftop art session between Thor and Jane. There’s also a production code tried-and-true transition to the moon, then see the two of them sleeping next to each other. We discuss how far they went or not.
  • Have people in Asgard ever seen a romantic Thor before?
  • This really may be Thor’s first time to explore this side of himself.
  • How interesting to see them so chaste in their sleeping on the roof.
  • We debate about the Nine Realms some more because there’s always more time for this.
  • To that end, there’s plenty of room for inconsistency in the comics, so it almost makes sense that there’s a continued inconsistency in the films as well
  • Patrick Doyle’s romantic theme continues here and we continue our adoration for it.
  • To that end, we’re fans of romance in the MCU and wish there was more.
  • Yggdrasil comes up again, this time talking about literal versus metaphor versus thematics.
  • But does Thor get any of the positions of the realms correct within Yggdrasil? And does it matter?
  • What is Thor thanking Jane for? We discuss possibilities.
Miles Stokes

Time to return to Asgard into the Healing Room.

  • We debate why Branagh decided to cut into this scene with a shot of the pattern on the floor that then tilts up.
  • Volstagg does some serious stress eating. Should Fandral be so demeaning to Volstagg about it?
  • To that end, it’s really not fun to watch Volstagg eat the way he does. It’s… disgusting. Plus, you have a beard! Has no one taught you eating etiquette?
  • We debate the strengths and weaknesses of the Warriors Three. Could the filmmakers have done more with them to make them more interesting characters? By simplifying them to single traits each, how much does that diminish them? And is that why they’re completely written out by now?
  • We comment how Volstagg may be less a dwarf archetype and more of a dwobbit.
  • Our guests bring perspective on the Warriors Three and Sif from the comics, and it makes us really wish we had better from them.
  • The god’s eye view shot… does this signify that Heimdall is watching them?

It’s the end of the romantic scene (but not the end of the romance!) and some fighting in the Healing Room (if only it had been the War Room!). Miles Stokes and Elisabeth Allie are here for all of it. Tune in!

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