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Marvel Movie Minute Season Four: Thor • Minute 80

Thor 080: Do Thor’s Friends Wonder Where His Hammer Is?

Minute Eighty: From Friends at the Door to Heimdall at the Door

Joining us to discuss a room full of surprises when the Warriors Three and Sif show up at the door to Smith Motors is Miles Stokes and Elisabeth Allie.

Elisabeth Allie

In the eightieth minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor

  • Erik tells Jane she needs hard evidence, and hard evidence shows up at the door in the form of the Warriors Three and Sif. It’s goofy but fun.
  • But how did they find the place? Perhaps Volstagg figured it out from the spy gear on the roof across the way. To that end, it would’ve been great to give him that moment.
  • There’s such delight on the faces of the Asgardians. Even Hogun the Grim is smiling. And Sif is waving like a silly school girl. This again makes us want to see that Asgardian high school show.
  • Thor reunites with his Asgardian friends and they’re all thrilled to see each other, but Thor’s a real mood killer bringing up his dead dad and how he can’t go back.
  • It’s the moment when Sif tells him that Odin lives that Chris Hemsworth shines as a performer as we see so many thoughts and emotions play across his face as he realizes what Loki’s done. It’s a great moment and we celebrate it.
  • So what was their plan here? Were they hoping Thor could just swing Mjølnir around and somehow get them back? Knowing what Heimdall said as they were leaving that he has to follow the king’s orders, was there any thought that Heimdall wouldn’t be opening Bifrost back up for them?
  • To that end, why no comments about where Mjølnir is or why he’s dressed the way he is? They didn’t see him get stripped of rank and outfit or Mjølnir, after all.
Miles Stokes

The minute ends with Heimdall stoically standing guard at the door to the Himinbjorg.

  • Heimdall stands at the door to Himinbjorg, his observatory. Very stoic.
  • He’s gotta know Loki’s coming. Does he know Loki’s also bringing the Destroyer?
  • Even though we don’t get much here, it’s a cool shot.

It’s a minute of reunions for old friends and reveals of Loki’s deceptions with Miles and Elisabeth. Tune in!

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