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Marvel Movie Minute Season Four: Thor • Minute 81

Thor 081: Is Heimdall Just Out of Practice?

Minute Eighty-One: From Loki Confronting Heimdall to Coulson Confronting an Atmospheric Disturbance

Joining us to discuss Loki freezing Heimdall and the SHIELD agents preparing for a storm are Robin Burdge from Karate Kid Minute and Travis Bow from Reel Comic Heroes.

Robin Burdge

In the eighty-first minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor

  • Loki arrives to have a chat with Heimdall, but how did he get here? Did he casually walk the entire way from the palace? And has Heimdall just been staring at him his entire walk?
  • Was Heimdall watching Loki on the palace balcony when the Warriors Three and Sif turned the Bifrost on to travel to Midgard? It would make sense and explain why he’s out here waiting for him.
  • Again, it’s a shame Idris Elba is given so little to do. That being said, he does still stand stoically and imposingly better than most.
  • We love the confrontation between Loki and Heimdall here.
  • Where was Loki hiding the Casket? In a pocket dimension? Or was he grabbing it from Odin’s Vault?
  • What’s up with Gungnir always standing up when the person wielding it lets go? Are they stabbing it into the ground? It doesn’t make a lot of sense.
  • How believable is the CG ice that covers Heimdall? We debate its quality.
  • Is Heimdall just out of practice? Is that why he takes so long to swing that sword toward Loki?

From a frozen Heimdall to a probing Coulson

  • Agent Coulson and his SHIELD team investigate the markings left where the Warriors Three and Sif had arrived. But what is it? A compression in the ground? Burnt dirt?
  • What would the agent from linguistics be able to read from this?
  • What looks worse, the wind from the atmospheric disturbance or the ice freezing Heimdall?
  • Even people in Puente Antiguo are looking at the atmospheric disturbance. What could it be?

It’s a minute of icy receptions, frozen friends, and swirling storms with Robin and Travis. Tune in!

Travis Bow

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