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Marvel Movie Minute Season Four: Thor • Minute 94

Thor 094: When Did Loki Decide He’d Kill Laufey?

Minute Ninety-Four: From Frigga Fighting Frost Giants to Frigga Hugging Loki

Joining us to discuss Frigga facing off with Laufey and Loki’s surprise turn are James Anderson and Colin M. Parker, hosts of the Timeline Scavengers podcast.

In the ninety-fourth minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor

  • Frigga knows how to wield a sword as she takes down a Jotun in one blow. Why doesn’t she use her witch magic though?
  • Could they have found more ways to better work Frigga into the story? Or is this a side effect from being so early in the MCU?
  • Laufey takes Frigga down in one blow. Ouch! Again, why no magic? It unfortunately speaks to plot needs more than anything.
  • Laufey’s red eyes look fantastic here, but his fingernail by Odin’s eye is so creepy. So is that a creepy, gross fingernail or is this a well-manicured nail on Jotunheim?
  • Does Laufey generate the ice weapons from his hands with strange secretions like Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man?
  • Why does Laufey whisper here? And why does Loki do the same thing? Is there a reason they’re so quiet?
  • This is where Loki kills Laufey and claims he’s killing him as Odin’s son. So will he then change his last name from Laufeyson to Odinson?
  • Did Laufey freeze Odin’s eye open? Why does it stay open?
  • Is this a stunt hand from someone who has naturally large hands? Or is this a mo-cap embiggened hand?
  • This brings us into a bit of mo-cap conversation about Captain America and scrawny Steve Rogers.
  • The reflection of Laufey in Odin’s eye is frickin’ cool. (Frigga’n cool?)
  • Why does Thor fly straight to the front door instead of up to Odin’s chambers?
  • We discuss our recollections about the reveal of Loki killing Laufey here.
  • There’s been an element of Loki always taking down Laufey from the comics, so it makes sense it happens here.
  • We work through some more thinking about Loki’s plan and why he kills Laufey.
  • This is a picture wrap on Colm Feore as Laufey, king of the Jotuns!
  • Frigga runs to Loki to hug him. This very well could be the end of a film called Loki.

Frigga, Laufey, and Loki – oh my! James and Colin dig in with us for this big minute. Tune in!

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