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Marvel Movie Minute Season Four: Thor • Minute 96

Thor 096: How Does Loki Freeze the Bifrost Energy?

Minute Ninety-Six: From a Frozen Yggdrasil to Loki’s Reasoning

Joining us to talk about Loki’s plan and the faceoff with Thor is Dr. Arnold Blumberg.

In the ninety-sixth minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor

  • We try to figure out what Loki is using to freeze the Bifrost Yggdrasil-shaped energy in Heimdall’s Observatory.
  • It looks like he may be conjuring the Casket of Ancient Winters to appear right at the top of the ignition switch, causing it to freeze. Regardless, it’s difficult to figure out.
  • We also debate what Loki’s plan actually was.
  • There certainly is an element of Loki operating from an emotional place more than an intellectual place here.
  • It’s interesting that Loki chooses to use the Bifrost this way. We discuss the nature of it being used as a weapon.
  • There is a bit of a frustrating element with Bifrost being used as a massive super-laser like in Star Wars.
  • But are we at a point where trying to figure out the space physics is a moot point?
  • We discuss a bit about Loki’s plan about winning versus fighting and how there is an element – particularly with a warrior culture – that his method of killing the Jotuns actually makes a lot more sense than constant war.
  • There are elements that remind us of Game of Thrones and also the use of drone technology.
  • The lighting here is fantastic.
  • The shot on Midgard does nice work to emphasize how Loki’s actions are affecting all the realms.
  • That being said, what does it mean that all the realms can see this? Is there an element of danger for them all?
  • It’s a bit disappointing we don’t see more Jotun beasts running from the Bifrost beam on Jotunheim.
  • It’s interesting that Loki can continue using Gungnir, particularly in this way. We assume it’s because it goes with the king role rather than with Odin like in the comics.

Loki and Thor begin facing off as Jotunheim slowly gets blown up, and Dr. Blumberg’s here for it. Tune in!

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