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Marvel Movie Minute Season Four: Thor • Minute 97

Thor 097: How Real Is Loki’s Threat to Go After Jane?

Minute Ninety-Seven: From Thor’s Defense to Loki’s Taunting

Joining us to discuss all the fraternal drama is Dr. Arnold Blumberg, publisher, author, educator, pop culture & comics historian, and friendly neighborhood zombie expert.

In the ninety-seventh minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor

  • Loki wants to be heir to the throne. How strong of a plan is this though?
  • Would his plan have worked if Thor hadn’t shown up? Why is he still following through with his plan now that Thor’s shown up to stop him?
  • And what did he say to Frigga before he left for the Observatory?
  • As we pointed out before, it’s largely because he’s operating from a point of emotion, not intellect.
  • Loki fights so differently here. Instead of throwing knives and using cunning, he’s facing off with Thor like Thor’s counterpart. Was that a mistake?
  • We pine for more great Marvel villains like this.
  • Loki’s argument provides some great metaphors that apply to issues today.
  • It’s interesting to look at the perspective on genocide. Thor had started a war earlier and killed plenty of Jotuns. Loki is doing the same in a different way. So it’s interesting to see how Thor’s changed through this conversation.
  • Loki’s threat to go after Jane feels a little off here. But there is an aspect to it that implies Loki is just saying things to get Thor to stop preventing the Bifrost from destroying Jotunheim.
  • Thor doesn’t want to fight, so what does he think of Loki taking two swipes at him with Gungnir?
  • So much really goes back to the conversation Odin had with the two brothers when they were kids.
  • Was it just through his Destroyer-cam that Loki knows about Jane?

It’s the big, bad, battle of words before the battle of brawn commences, and Dr. Arnold Blumberg joins us for it all. Tune in!

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