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Marvel Movie Minute Season Four: Thor • Minute 99

Thor 099: How Great is Thor’s Hammer Move Here?

Minute Ninety-Nine: From Dozens of Lokis to One Last Taunt

Joining us to discuss Loki’s magic, Thor’s plan, and the slow destruction of the Bifrost is Dr. Arnold Blumberg, publisher, author, educator, pop culture & comics historian, and friendly neighborhood zombie expert.

In the ninety-ninth minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor

  • It’s so cool seeing so many Lokis here.
  • Equally cool is having Thor bring the lightning to destroy them all, leaving just the one Loki. And Branagh’s use of the god’s eye view shot here is perfect.
  • The sound effects are so perfect for the bridge. (Really through the entire film.)
  • We revel in how great everyone works so well in this scene fully creating such a full, rich world for us because we actually buy into it all.
  • Is there some element that bringing Kenneth Branagh on to direct this gives us so much of that coming from his stage background?
  • We also really love having heroes that aren’t simply trying to kill their enemies. Putting the hammer on Loki’s chest is a perfect way to stop Loki.
  • It’s interesting how slippery they make the bridge look now. It feels very dangerous how it sucks Thor toward it.
  • With the debris getting sucked in from the nearby architecture, it seems a bit that this use of Bifrost could perhaps destroy Asgard as well. It’s even sucking in nearby nebulae.
  • It’s great how Loki continues needling Thor with his words here. But it’s also all that he’s left with.
  • The Mighty Thor finally gets referenced!
  • Could Thor actually find a way inside to break the ice structure?

It’s close to the end of the battle between our hero and his brother, and Dr. Blumberg’s here for it. Tune in!

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