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Marvel Movie Minute Season Four: Thor • Minute 98

Thor 098: Where Did Loki Learn to Fight Like This?

Minute Ninety-Eight: From An Aerial Assault to A Low Blow

Joining us to discuss the fighty-fighty fight is Dr. Arnold Blumberg, publisher, author, educator, pop culture & comics historian, and friendly neighborhood zombie expert.

In the ninety-eighth minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor

  • We debate the power of fights in these types of movies. Is there more they could do?
  • Thor and Loki leaping at each other has a Big Trouble in Little China vibe.
  • In context of all these fights, this one lands a bit in the middle. Not the best, not the worst.
  • We walk through a few shots just to better understand what’s happening.
  • Because Loki wields Gungnir during this fight, does that give him the fighting power he needs to match against Thor? Otherwise, why doesn’t he use more of his cunning style of fighting? Spinning on a spear? That doesn’t seem like Loki.
  • It just seems like such a physical fight for Loki.
  • But he is pouring all of his rage from a lifetime against Thor.
  • And Thor does say he won’t fight his brother, so perhaps he’s also holding back a bit.
  • How low a blow is it for Loki to bring Jane into it?

Thor blasts Loki through the wall of the Observatory.

  • Loki falls off the edge, grabbing on at the last minute. He begs Thor to help him. Thor does, and Loki disappears. Turns out, this was all Loki’s magic to trick his brother.
  • This is a perfect example of how we expect Loki to fight. It makes more sense than the other type of fighting.
  • Thor falls for his brother’s trick and gets stabbed for it.
  • So great seeing all the Lokis appear. What an expression of ego! Makes so much sense for him.
  • Does Thor knocking them both through the wall start the Observatory to break down and potentially destroy Asgard as well?

It’s the required MCU fighty fight and Dr. Arnold Blumberg’s here for it. Tune in!

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