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Marvel Movie Minute Season Four: Thor • Minute 101

Thor 101: Should Odin Have Taken Parenting 101?

Minute One Hundred One: From Two Brothers’ Fall to One Erik’s Back

Joining us to discuss Loki’s last minute in the movie proper is Will Freeland from the Hype Is My Superpower podcast.

In the one hundred-first minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor

  • Heimdall’s Observatory collapses in pieces and gets sucked into space by… what is it? Is the Bifrost energy creating some sort of vortex? It’s even pulling in some distant nebulae.
  • Loki’s fall is terrific. He’s got a wailing scream that just seems the sort of scream you’d wail if falling to possible doom.
  • So Thor grabs the end of Gungnir, which Loki’s holding, thereby keeping him from falling. But what was his plan from there? To fall into space together then maybe summon Mjølnir to bring them home?
  • Good thing their father, Odin the Allfather, woke up just in time to catch Thor by the ankle!
  • How did he get here so quickly?
  • Loki pitches to his dad that he could’ve done it and been the victor. Odin’s response leaves us plenty to talk about. Perhaps get the boys up on the bridge before this talk?
  • Loki’s face goes dark and he drops into the void of space. Again, where? How is this vortex thing working? And why? And just because he’s Asgardian, does that mean he can breathe out there as well?
  • Thor says his only words here, and it’s to call out to his brother. Interesting that Loki never interacts with him in this scene.
  • And that’s a picture wrap (sort of) for Tom Hiddleston as Loki! Okay, so he’s coming back in the post-credits scene, but that’s kinda its own thing, right?
  • What’s up with the mysterious back of a man who looks very much like Erik back on Midgard? We’ll find out in tomorrow’s minute!

It’s the tragic death of Loki. Or is it? Will Freeland’s here for the conversation. Tune in!

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