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Marvel Movie Minute Season Four: Thor • Minute 102

Thor 102: How Do They Know Bifrost Is Gone, Not Just Closed?

Minute One Hundred Two: From The Mourning Scientists Three to The Shrouded Underside of Asgard

Joining us to discuss the broken connection between Asgard and Midgard is Will Freeland from the Hype Is My Superpower podcast.

In the one hundred-second minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor

  • It’s a low shot looking at the back of the scientists three for almost this full minute. What a calm, melancholic way to end this chapter and connection. We tip our hats to Mr. Branagh!
  • Darcy does some great fidgeting with her hair and hat and face before heading back to the Pinzgauer.
  • And by the way, it’s a little odd at first seeing them walk away toward seeming empty desert until you realize, oh, duh – the Pinzgauer’s just over there.
  • Erik gives Jane a look that says he gets it, but smartly doesn’t say anything.
  • We cut to a dutch slightly overhead angle of Jane and her face just seems… a bit off. Something about her incredibly long lashes and the way the angle makes her eyebrows jut up. Still, it’s Natalie Portman and she’s ever so beautiful.
  • So Jane walks away too. Patrick Doyle’s music stirs the emotions and tugs at the heartstrings here. So beautiful! Why wasn’t he asked to do more in the MCU?
  • The camera slowly floats up into the sky and lo and behold! — We’re suddenly moving through the cosmos and are looking at the cloud-covered bottom of Asgard.
  • It makes it seem almost like they could jump up and hit their heads on it but we get it – it’s cinematic shortcuts to really connect these two locations. We like it.
  • It’s a surprisingly quiet, peaceful, melancholic minute as Jane, Darcy, and Erik acknowledge that they may never see their space friend again.

It’s a sad minute! Will Freeland mourns with us and the Scientists Three today. Tune in!

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