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Marvel Movie Minute Season Four: Thor • Minute 104

Thor 104: Does Thor Really Believe There’s No Father Better Than Odin?

Minute One Hundred Four: From ‘How Is He?’ to ‘A Lot to Learn’

Joining us to discuss missing mortals and fathers & sons is Will Freeland from Hype Is My Superpower.

In the one hundred-fourth minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor

  • Sif and Frigga have a bonding conversation about Thor and how mopey he is. We don’t see them talk. Just hear them talk while Thor walks alone through a mighty Asgardian hall toward his father. Because of that, it’s easy to confuse who asks how he is and who answers.
  • It’s interesting that Frigga asks Sif about Thor, but then again, it makes sense. She’s one of his best friends. Romantic possibilities aside, they do share a bond so it works.
  • What do we think about Sif’s response? Well, it makes sense that she recognizes him missing Midgard, but her comment about Jane is kinda funny. Sure, he misses her, but to call her out for being a mortal is odd.
  • Yes, Jane is a mortal, but Sif almost makes it sound a bit dirty. Like she’s embarrassed he’s made that choice.
  • Regardless, that’s all we get from them and it’s a picture wrap on Jaimie Alexander and Rene Russo in the movie!
  • Thor ends up with Odin, who solemnly looks out over Asgard from a balcony in profile. The double profile shot is in interesting one, and certainly something we’ll see similarly next week.
  • Thor and Odin talk about being king and being a father. Odin says Thor will be a wise king and Thor’s reply is that there will never be a wiser king than him. But hasn’t Odin shown himself to be a fairly terrible father?
  • Odin’s reaction, though, is a look that can be read a few ways. Does he recognize that he’s made a lot of unwise decisions in his life?
  • Still, Thor also says there will never be a better father. Really? After everything we’ve seen?
  • At the very least, at least Thor recognizes he’s got a lot more to learn.
  • And that’s a picture wrap on Anthony Hopkins as Odin!

Frigga and Sif talk. Thor and Odin talk. And we talk with will Freeland. Tune in!

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