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Marvel Movie Minute Season Four: Thor • Minute 105

Thor 105: Was the Observatory Heimdall’s Home Too?

Minute One Hundred Five: From Father & Son to Scientists Three

Joining us to close out his week with us as we talk about Thor, Odin, and the Scientists Three is Will Freeland, host of the Hype Is My Superpower podcast!

In the one hundred-fifth minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor

  • Again, that look from Odin as he talks with Thor. There’s a lot Anthony Hopkins gives us to talk about as we read what he’s thinking as Thor says he hopes to make him proud one day.
  • That beautiful moment between them though as he says he’s already made him proud? So good.
  • Then Thor’s off to bug Heimdall about his new girlfriend.
  • Apparently without an Observatory, Heimdall just stands here now. Interestingly, and perhaps intentionally, this looks much more like how Heimdall was stationed in the comics.
  • Thor asks Heimdall if he can see Jane and Heimdall scoffs. Haven’t you heard about this guy’s eyes, Thor?
  • This conversation is shot in an interesting way where you never see their mouths. Were they writing and rewriting this dialogue right up until the end?
  • It’s a nice, fluid bit of camerawork though that leads us out into space off the end of the broken rainbow bridge.
  • That’s a picture wrap on Heimdall! Well, at least his appearance. We’ll still hear him in the next minute.

We’re getting ready to wrap things up and Will Freeland helps us with it. Tune in!

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