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Thor 108: What’s With This Other Andy Nelson?

Minute One Hundred Eight: From Kenneth Branagh to Patrick Bareis

Joining us to look at so many names and talk about Foo Fighters is Paul Hoppe, aka ZenMadman.

In the one hundred eighth minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor

  • We have the unfortunate musical transition from Patrick Doyle’s majestic themes to Foo Fighters’ Walk. It’s a tough shift.
  • Seriously, we know the song was in the movie, but did it have to be here too? It doesn’t fit the mood at all!
  • More names to discuss including Andy Nelson! Not the show host – the other one!
  • We also talk about stunt doubles and praise Sif’s double who won an award for her awesome work.

More credits fun with Paul Hoppe. Tune in!

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