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Marvel Movie Minute Season Four: Thor • Minute 114

Thor 114: Is Nick Fury Always This Serious?

Minute One Hundred Fourteen: From Thor Will Return to Erik Is Confused

In the x minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor

  • We kick the minute off with ‘Thor Will Return in The Avengers.’ How far in advance did they know?
  • Erik’s reaction to this hallway is funny because we agree – it seems like he’s down here to be killed.
  • Nick Fury is so enigmatic. Does he always need to be? Is that just his MO?
  • We’re a bit bothered that it’s not Jane here. Fury’s impressed with Selvig’s science? What about Jane’s? Couldn’t they have at least written a line in here to have it make sense they go for Erik, not Jane?
  • It’s funny that everything that happened in this movie is now being called simply ‘The New Mexico Situation.’

What’s going on with Fury and Selvig in this minute? Plotting and planning for a future film, of course! Tune in!

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