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Bridging Divides with Brian Fox and Bridget Pooley

Polarization. It’s all around us. Humans are feeling less connected to their neighbors and more attached to their screens and data. Political affiliations have created new divides, and even as workplaces become more diverse, many report feeling lonelier than ever. We at Mission Forward believe there’s another way.

This week, Carrie Fox sits down with Mission Partners’ Chief Operating Officer Bridget Pooley and Chief Strategy Officer Brian Fox to explore how connections can be strengthened in the workplace and beyond. Recorded in front of a live audience, they discuss practical strategies for bridging divides and leading by example.

The conversation covers the importance of shifting perspectives, building empathy, and finding common ground—without necessarily seeking 100% agreement. Pooley and Fox share examples of facilitating understanding across age groups and challenging communication norms to foster more inclusive cultures.

They also highlight the power of storytelling as a tool for connection and the need for leaders to create spaces for people to share their experiences. Ultimately, this is a conversation about hope that we can bridge the gaps that divide us with intentional adjustments to how we engage with one another.

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This season, we are taking you on a journey to meet ten people influencing and shaping how we communicate at scale for social change. From advertising executives to coalition directors, news editors, campaign managers, and authors, they’re all people who are shaping and challenging the deep power of communication. If you’re working to become a more inclusive and thoughtful communicator, there’s nothing holding you back—except you.
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