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From Missions to Movements with Dana Snyder

This week on Mission Forward, Carrie Fox sits down with Dana Snyder, a digital strategist for nonprofits and the CEO and founder of Positive Equation. Snyder, who has supported organizations like Movember, Dress for Success, and American Idol, shares her insights on how nonprofits can effectively reach new audiences in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Consider, for example, the importance of strategic investment in social media. How are organizations to determine which channels to focus their resources on based on their values and target audience? Snyder emphasizes the significance of data-driven decision-making, recommending tools like Google Analytics and Microsoft Clarity to understand how visitors interact with an organization’s website and social media channels. But more importantly, she highlights how most individuals are tilted toward good, and that your audience might just be comfortable in large numbers on platforms you personally find misaligned with your own values.

Throughout the episode, Snyder stresses the importance of being genuinely social on social media platforms, creating platform-specific content, and fostering meaningful connections with followers. She suggests that organizations consider hiring virtual assistants to manage their social media presence if it aligns with their budgets and priorities.

The conversation also touches on the role of artificial intelligence in content creation for nonprofits. Snyder offers practical advice on how to train AI tools to generate relevant and engaging content while staying true to an organization’s mission and values.

For nonprofits looking to make the most of their social media efforts, this episode of Mission Forward offers valuable insights and actionable tips from a seasoned digital strategist. Our great thanks to Dana for helping us to navigate the digital landscape authentically.

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