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Communications to Power Mental Health


There’s a superhero origin story in all of us. We’re convinced of it. But it’s not the story you might think — learning how to fly, or figuring out how to lift cars over our heads. No, the real superhero story is the story we each carry in our hearts that reminds us of the first time we learned compassion, the first time we learned how to feel for another human being, and the first time we learned to love unconditionally.

This week, we present Schroeder Stribling, President, and CEO of Mental Health America. She’s with us to talk about mental health, the narrative we’ve written around it as a society, and why it’s time to get serious and teach one another to approach trauma with compassion. Along the way, you’re going to hear Schroeder’s superhero origin story. We hope it triggers something for you that reminds you of your own.

Because we contend that it’s only by reminding one another — and ourselves — of our ability to love that we’ll be able to reduce barriers and increase access to mental health care that is increasingly critical to so many of us. Achieving practical, boots-on-the-ground success in meeting the mental health needs of our peers, colleagues, and strangers alike will require us to believe in our ability to bring change to their lives and our own in so doing.

Schroeder is an incredibly powerful individual and if you have never crossed her path, we’re thrilled to be the show to do it for you today. Our deepest thanks to Schroeder Stribling for her time and friendship.

  • (00:00) – Welcome to Mission Forward
  • (02:07) – Introducing Schroeder Stribling
  • (11:05) – A Trauma-Informed Approach to Communications
  • (15:57) – Post-Covid Communications
  • (20:22) – Assessing the Time We’re In
  • (31:07) – Leading Mental Health Awareness from the Top
  • (33:19) – Parting Thoughts, Finding Hope

This season, we are taking you on a journey to meet ten people influencing and shaping how we communicate at scale for social change. From advertising executives to coalition directors, news editors, campaign managers, and authors, they're all people who are shaping and challenging the deep power of communication. If you’re working to become a more inclusive and thoughtful communicator, there’s nothing holding you back—except you.

Carrie Fox

Carrie Fox is the founder and CEO of Mission Partners, a woman-owned strategic communications firm and Certified B Corporation that guides high-potential nonprofits, foundations, and socially responsible corporations in realizing their greatest social impact. Since launching her first firm in 2004, she has guided hundreds of organizations around the world to lead with purpose, fueling organizations and their missions forward in new and more impactful ways.