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Communicating for a Movement with Houston Kraft, author of Deep Kindness

Houston Kraft is a professional speaker, author, curriculum designer, and kindness advocate whose book, Deep Kindness: A Revolutionary Guide for the Way We Think, Talk, and Act in Kindness, has inspired millions to examine the difference between nice and kind and why specifically deep kindness is not only a revolutionary act, but a necessary one.

Kraft is also the co-founder of Character Strong, which develops training programs and curricula for effective, sustainable school culture change. To date, his work has reached more than 1 million students and their teachers.

There is something special at the intersection of Houston Kraft’s initiatives, something we’ve forgotten along our journey toward building bigger, better, faster organizations and teams. To us, it appears that Houston has given us a profound reminder that social-emotional learning benefits the whole person; at Character Strong, it’s for the school kids, and with Deep Kindness, we realize it’s for us big kids, too. 

Thanks to Houston and his team for creating the time for this conversation. We’re honored to offer it to our Mission Forward community.

  • (00:00) – Get Your Free Copy of Deep Kindness!
  • (00:33) – Welcome to Mission Forward
  • (02:05) – Introducing Huston Kraft
  • (07:22) – Nice v. Kind
  • (12:27) – The Vitamin Concept
  • (18:53) – The Power of Habit
  • (23:19) – The DEI Kindess Question: Circles of Care
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