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Communicating For All with Eleni Stamoulis

We welcome one of our own to Mission Forward this week: inclusivity advocate and graphic designer, Eleni Stamoulis. She joined the Mission Partners team in 2017 and since that time, she has been involved in an extraordinary array of client and partner projects. In brand refreshes and rebrands, website redesigns, and all kinds of mission-critical campaign elements, her voice has become welcome counsel for ensuring that the projects that we take on at Mission Partners are as inclusive and accessible as possible.

We talk about Eleni’s journey as a designer and the traumatic brain injury that sent her on her path of growth and life-long learning. We talk about the power of design to transform ideas and beliefs. As she says, design isn’t just about what’s on the page. It’s about everything around us that is designed to affect change. We’re grateful that Eleni is using design to affect change for good. 

She is deep into the final stages of her own MFA, where her thesis is focused on the experiences of Black, Brown, and Latinx students in design education. As such, she’s currently performing a research project that aims to understand the role race plays in the educational experience of graphic design students in the United States. Are you a design student or educator? Visit today and submit your response. She promises it won’t take more than 10-15 minutes of your time. Click the link to learn more!

Along the way, Eleni recommended some fantastic resources we’d like to amplify:

  • (00:00) – Welcome to Mission Forward
  • (00:29) – Introducing Eleni Stamoulis
  • (01:45) – Investing in Design
  • (06:29) – The Communications Equity Gap
  • (10:28) – Empowering Designers Across Generations
  • (16:32) – Thematic Reflections on Non-Profit Brand Design
  • (22:36) – Who’s doing it well?
  • (29:12) – What goes into a thriving design team?
This season, we are taking you on a journey to meet ten people influencing and shaping how we communicate at scale for social change. From advertising executives to coalition directors, news editors, campaign managers, and authors, they’re all people who are shaping and challenging the deep power of communication. If you’re working to become a more inclusive and thoughtful communicator, there’s nothing holding you back—except you.
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