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Storytelling for Good with Kerry-Ann Hamilton

Welcome to this 50th episode of the Mission Forward Podcast! It’s been a true joy sharing these conversations with you all on the power of communcations, this field we love so much. 

Our guest this week is Kerry-Ann Hamilton, a communications strategist with decades of experience in media relations, cause communications, and crisis management. She serves as principal consultant at KAH Communications where she brings her experience to bear for nonprofits and cause-related organizations and, for us, her work is a shining example of the balance of ideals, values, goals, and mission. 

In fact, we want to amplify this statement — which you’ll hear when you listen to the show — because we’ve been repeating it like a mantra all week. When asked why she started her own firm, she replied, “I was excited to work at scale with organizations and bold change-makers who want to create the world they want, and are restless about the world we have.”

We create the world we want because we’re restless about the world we have.

Kerry-Ann’s experience in nonprofit communication is extensive, and you’ll hear how easily she’s able to disabuse us of our misunderstandings about the work and power of the nonprofit in the hands of the passionate and engaged leader.

She shares her own inspirations this week: Atlas of the Heart by Brené Brown and The Trusted Advisor by David H. Maister.

You can learn more about Kerry-Ann Hamilton and the work her team is doing at KAH Consulting. We’re honored to amplify her experience and expertise on the show this week!

  • (00:00) – Welcome to Mission Forward
  • (01:23) – Introducing Kerry-Ann Hamilton
  • (05:46) – Addressing the March 2020 Pivot
  • (13:25) – The Unhealthy Momentum of 2022
  • (16:11) – Communications Bridging Information Divides
  • (23:44) – Nonprofits Learning to Lead Their Values
  • (29:58) – What inspires Kerry-Ann Hamilton?
  • (33:05) – Finding Your Words: Check Your Light
This season, we are taking you on a journey to meet ten people influencing and shaping how we communicate at scale for social change. From advertising executives to coalition directors, news editors, campaign managers, and authors, they’re all people who are shaping and challenging the deep power of communication. If you’re working to become a more inclusive and thoughtful communicator, there’s nothing holding you back—except you.
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