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Reinventing a Brand from the Inside Out with Justin Pasquierello

“Joy can be a matter of life and death.” 

So says our guest this week, Justin Pasquierello. You could say his career started as a child, in a townhouse, meeting a team of paramedics on his stairs. His birth mother had a reaction to her medication. That was the last night he had lived with her, and the night that set him off on his career working in nonprofits on behalf of children.

We first met Justin Pasquierello when he was serving as executive director of Children’s HealthWatch working with leaders around the country to improve children’s health in America. From there, he’s moved to East Boston Social Centers, taking the reins as Executive Director serving not just the diverse residents of East Boston, but the powerful legacy of 104 years the organization has served its community. 

And Justin has done it all with joy. 

“Joy lives in community,” he says. “It is literally contagious, and so we can most effectively pursue our own happiness, and that of our society, together. Recognizing when all give, all gain, we can collectively make the world a better place by pursuing what matters most for joy: long and strong relationships, purpose, physical fitness, meditation, and fun.”

He is a relentless and visionary thinker, working tirelessly to make the world a more peaceful, joyful, and sustainable place. We’re honored to have Justin with us today to talk a bit about his work, his love, and some of our past work together. 

Learn more about the work of East Boston Social Centers, and if you haven’t had the opportunity, make sure to watch his TEDx Talk, “Why Joy is Not a Solo Sport”, today

  • (00:00) – Welcome to Mission Forward
  • (01:34) – Introducing Justin Pasquierello
  • (05:40) – Community Leadership
  • (09:17) – Broading the community for changing demographics
  • (11:39) – The Value of the Cookie
  • (12:58) – Consistency in Messaging
  • (15:35) – Addressing JEDI in Community Initiatives
  • (19:49) – Coming Attractions at East Boston Social Centers
  • (23:59) – Checking In On You
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