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Human-Centered AI in the Workplace with SHRM’s George Rivera

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How should your organization thoughtfully adopt artificial intelligence (AI) in ways that enhance instead of displace the human workforce? It’s a staggeringly important question that is looming over us as the nature of work evolves before our very eyes. In the face of this extraordinary time-innovation compression, Carrie sits down with a guest uniquely qualified to take on these questions as we look out on the horizon toward the future of work.

“AI plus HI equals ROI,” says George Rivera, Senior Vice President of SHRM Enterprise Solutions, “The magic lies in working together. And, frankly, it’s not just us that believe it. If you really look back at any of the AI advancements we’ve had over the last 20 or 30 years, that concept has always shined through.”

Rivera stresses the importance of aligning an organization’s AI strategy with its culture. Rather than wholesale technology replacement of workers, Rivera advocates an “augmented intelligence” approach where AI supplements and supports employees. “We believe every organization has a unique culture to them and so each organization has to determine how AI is going to play and should play a role within that culture.”

Key themes discussed in this wide-ranging conversation include using AI ethically, with Rivera noting the risk of perpetuating bias and emphasizing customizing implementation around an organization’s unique culture. Rivera also talks about how AI can increase productivity and strengthen relationships by streamlining tedious tasks and providing insights into employee engagement. Additionally, he covers how AI can reinforce skills training and institutional knowledge, acting as a tool to augment human intelligence.

Rivera shares valuable perspective on both the promise and pitfalls of workplace AI. He advocates thoughtful adoption focused on enhancing human potential. Organizations must approach AI as a tool, not a panacea, and remain vigilant about its risks. “Ultimately, we find that it’s important for organizations to be good stewards of their capital and make sure that they’re getting the best impact or the best out of their employees that they possibly can.”

This is just part one of Carrie’s conversation with George Rivera. Our great thanks to him, and the SHRM team, for making this set of conversations possible.

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