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Exploring Trends Versus Fads in Workplace Strategy with SHRM’s George Rivera

This week’s episode is brought to you by SHRM. Read on to learn more.

How do we build workplaces that work for all of us? That’s the central question of this week’s conversation, one that serves to anchor a narrative around workplace trends and fads and all shades of work between. Carrie Fox continues her conversation with George Rivera, Senior Vice President of SHRM Enterprise Solutions.

Rivera believes the workplace provides an invaluable opportunity to foster human connection and purpose. With over 15 years of experience in people-focused business leadership, he recognizes work environments as a chance to create positive change in society. As he says, “If we can create workplaces that work for all, we can create a society and world that works for all.”

Throughout their discussion, Fox and Rivera examine key forces shaping today’s workforce strategy that begins with the heart of the organization itself, its culture: “Do we have a culture plan? As an organization, do we have the ability to map where we are culturally today and where we want to be two or three years from now?”

Rivera peels back the four forces shaping workforce strategy: workforce planning, skills building, culture creation and technology integration. Along the way, he emphasizes thoughtful flexibility, sustainability, and aligning business practices with a company’s culture and values.

“The perfect answer is what’s perfectly aligned to your culture. Having a defined culture is the prerequisite to build the north star that you actually can then go after.”

So, how can organizations develop an intentional culture strategy? What is the right balance of upskilling versus reskilling? And how can AI and technology be deployed thoughtfully? For leaders aiming to elevate their organization’s impact, this week’s conversation provides perspective on constructing genuinely human-centered workplaces.

Our great thanks to George Rivera and the SHRM team for making this conversation possible.

Sponsor: SHRM

SHRM provides solutions for 95% of Fortune 500 companies to transform talent management, accelerate executive development, elevate workplace culture, and build inclusive workplaces. SHRM promotes diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging while advancing women leaders to construct better workplaces. Mission Partners routinely consults SHRM first when facing HR and best practice challenges and we’re thrilled to be able to work with SHRM as the sponsor of this week’s episode. Learn more at

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