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Equitable Hiring Practices with Edgility Consulting’s Jonathan Howard

This episode is sponsored by Edgility Consulting.

This week, Carrie Fox sits down with Jonathan Howard, Associate Partner at Edgility Consulting, about the importance of building equitable hiring practices to create a truly inclusive workplace. “Our goal is to create the expectation and the conditions for collective responsibility for equity in our search process. So it’s on us as facilitators of the process, but it’s also on the committee and the organization.”

Carrie and Jonathan dive into how to write thoughtful, inclusive job descriptions. They discuss removing coded language that may deter certain groups from applying. For example, describing the workplace as “competitive” and “fast-paced” can imply a male-dominated culture. Jonathan emphasizes carefully considering the words used in postings to make them as equitable as possible.

According to Jonathan, effective succession planning is crucial for identifying and developing a diverse pipeline of future leaders. He advises organizations to proactively assess internal candidates, nurture leadership potential, and fill skill gaps well in advance of transitions. “I would just really encourage folks to think about succession planning. If you’re talking to me or if you’re talking to Edgility about a key leadership role when the need is imminent, I would call it imminent, like you need somebody in the next six months or I could even argue a year, it’s too late.”

What’s clear is that building an equitable, inclusive workplace takes continuous, intentional effort across all talent management processes. But as Jonathan emphasizes, organizations genuinely committed to equity can achieve meaningful progress through thoughtful, disciplined hiring practices. His passion shines through as he shares hard-won best practices in equitable recruiting. Our thanks to Jonathan and Edgility Consulting for making this conversation a reality.

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