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Facing Our Future from the Inside Out: WACUBO Leadership Symposium

As emerging leaders, we are challenged by the question of where to focus our time and energy that makes a difference. What does it mean to be an orchestrator of change and lead others through these historical times in education? Orchestrating change demands a mindset and cultivation of mood that opens possibilities for us and those around us. Now more than ever, we need to build bridges between our administrative functions, the academy and countless constituents we serve. On Thursday, January 18th, Howard Teibel will be delivering the opening keynote address at WACUBO’s Leadership Symposium, exploring the type of personal skills and sensibilities that build a resilient and adaptable culture and keep us focused on the larger mission of our institutions.

Today on the show, we’re thrilled to welcome Lisa Frace, Associate Vice President, Budget and Planning and Chief Budgeting Officer for Arizona State University. Lisa serves on the WACUBO board as chair for the Annual Leadership Program and she’s joining us to share WACUBO’s efforts to further change in our field through research into how the field is evolving, and how we can better prepare tomorrow’s finance leaders today.

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