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Finding the Elusive Podcast Voice

In this episode of The Podcast Podcast, Pete Wright and Andy Nelson catch up on using AI for automatic transcription of episodes, YouTube becoming a bigger player in the podcasting world, updates from Apple’s recent podcasting event, and finding one’s unique podcasting voice.

The big follow-up is that Transistor—the host of all the podcasts of TruStory FM—has released AI transcription into the platform. We’re just playing with it right now, but so far, it has not let us down. Plus, the prices seem better than fair.

We talk a bit about YouTube as a podcasting platform, we muse about how it could bring wider exposure to podcasts, even as its bifurcated system creates confusion. Why? Because YouTube hosts video versions of your podcast audio, while YouTube Music draws from RSS. We don’t get it either. But at least we know.

Touching on takeaways from Apple’s podcast event, Andy highlights new transcript features in Apple Podcasts, while Pete points to expanded categories and a partnership with Linkfire as promising developments.

Finally, we explore the challenge of cultivating an authentic yet engaging on-air persona. It’s tricky, but your own voice is as important as the mic you use to capture it when thinking about how you communicate to your audience.

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