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AI in Podcasting: The Robot Revolution That’s Not So Scary

This week, we’re checking in on how artificial intelligence is transforming our podcast production workflow. We know concerns about AI abound. But we aim to thoughtfully explore how — when used judiciously — AI tools can help us work more efficiently without compromising quality or our own creative voices.

Transcribing remains an area where AI still falls short in our view, though it’s rapidly improving. For now, we believe human transcribers produce superior transcripts. But we acknowledge AI’s potential to disrupt this profession, potentially very quickly. We think training AI on our own podcast’s unique corpus is far preferable to feeding it unrelated data. This allows the AI to generate custom show notes, graphics, and more in our own style.

How has AI injected itself in your podcast workflow? Links to all our current services below!

Tools/Services Mentioned:

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