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The Googleplosion and Other Tales of Big Podcast

The podcast world is abuzz with change. This week, we’re talking directories and show shuffles as we head into a consolidating future.

Directory Shuffle

It’s true, some of our beloved podcast apps are saying goodbye. But don’t despair! Big platforms like Spotify, YouTube, and Apple are stepping up to fill the void. So, while you may have to adjust your listening habits a bit, your favorite shows will still be there. The big bet and bigger open question: is consolidation behind big tech a good thing for free and open podcasting?

Showtime Shifts

Even popular podcasts like “Smartless” are making moves. They’ve traded in their Wondery digs for a swanky new home at SiriusXM. Joe Rogan is still hanging around Spotify but in his latest contract renewal, are we seeing the end of the exclusivity era?

The Power of Listener Love

Amidst all the industry shake-ups, one thing remains constant: the value of listener support. If you adore a podcast, show them some love! Your modest contributions can make a world of difference for small creators.

A Brighter Future

The podcast industry may be experiencing some growing pains, but it’s far from over. Dedicated podcasters are still going strong, and the rise of listener support is a beacon of hope. So, keep listening, keep supporting, and embrace the ever-evolving world of podcasts!

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