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The New York Times Finds Purpose in Truth

In an era of fake news and alternative facts, the media is finding a new purpose rooted in transparency and truth.

The New York Times’s purpose, “We seek the truth to help people understand the world,” hinges on a critically important idea: that the truth is worth it. In this episode, Amy Weisenbach, Senior Vice President of Marketing, talks about how this core tenet was driven by purpose and brought to life through the power of storytelling.

First aired in 2017, the New York Times’s “The Truth is Worth It” campaign unpacks the journalistic process behind real New York Times headlines, and continues to probe topics ranging from the failing MTA and Trump’s tax returns to ISIS and children at the border.

At the center of the campaign, said Weisenbach, is the idea that journalists are seeking the truth by holding power to accountability, bearing witness to moments of tragedy and triumph, giving a voice to the disadvantaged, and creating a shared baseline of facts. Which ultimately helps people understand the world, making their lives richer, and hopefully forming a more just society.

Listen for Amy’s insights on:

  • The value of transparency and honesty in advancing purpose in a divisive nation
  • How to leverage key cultural moments to tell stories that matter
  • The evolving role of purpose in the media, and why storytelling is an inherently purpose-driven field


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