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CECP is making business is a force for good

Imagine a world where all businesses exist to help society – and make a profit in the process. That’s the future CECP (Chief Executives for Corporate Purpose) is building. Founded by Paul Newman in 1999, CECP is a CEO-led coalition working to redefine the ways in which companies engage with stakeholders to better serve society.

In this episode, Carol talks with Daryl Brewster, CECP’s powerhouse CEO and former Nabisco and Krispy Kreme executive. Under his leadership, CECP convenes 200 of the world’s largest companies, representing $6.6 trillion in revenues, more than $20 billion in social investments, 14 million employees, 23 million hours of employee engagement, and $15 in assets under management.

Listen to hear Daryl’s insights on:

  • Balancing short- and long-term social and business strategy to maximize impact, and how vanguard companies are bringing investors into their social impact strategy
  • The growing value of transparency and trust in embedding and operationalizing purpose
  • Building coalitions to advance business and capitalism as a whole – because re-shaping the role of business in society takes a movement


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