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Johnson & Johnson is changing the trajectory of human health

Since 1943, global health powerhouse Johnson & Johnson has been guided by a simple credo. You wouldn’t think that something etched in stone (literally) could help a multi-billion-dollar brand navigate decades of changing consumer needs, drastic shifts in healthcare, and turbulent global markets—but it has. That’s because Johnson & Johnson doesn’t just dust off the credo now and then—the company lives it every single day.

Michael Sneed, Executive Vice President, Global Corporate Affairs & Chief Communication Officer at Johnson & Johnson, joined Purpose 360 to share how the company’s behaviors and beliefs shape culture, empower employees, drive bold innovation, and guide the enterprise in navigating setbacks. Sneed expands on the intricate link between its legendary credo and Johnson & Johnson’s recently-developed purpose: to blend heart, science, & ingenuity to change the trajectory of human health.

Listen for Michael’s insights on:

  • How employees from around the world collaborated to craft Johnson & Johnson’s authentic purpose
  • How management is kept accountable by bi-annual employee surveys, which essentially grade leadership how well they guide the company in living its credo
  • How Johnson & Johnson’s purpose is challenging the company in innovation and risk-taking—after all, changing the trajectory of human health is a big task!

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