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2018-08-04 • Saturday Matinée

Another great Saturday Matinee with a chance to talk movies for all of our wonderful Patreon supporters out there. After chatting about movies we’ve been watching, we dig into our trailers – a horror remake with an amazing look and another adaptation from Barry Jenkins with some more heavy emotional drama. Then we dig in to our Man Vs. Computer lists to celebrate our epic conversation about 2001.

THE LIST!  Man Vs. Computer

Andy’s List

  1. The Terminator 
  2. WALL-E 
  3. Electric Dreams 

Steve’s List

  1. Ex Machina 
  2. WarGames 
  3. TRON 

Next Week’s List Options – Get Your Vote In on Discord:

Films That Shifted Actors Careers

Space Anomalies

Cold War Tensions

  • (00:00) – Saturday Matinee Intro
  • (08:56) – Trailers
  • (19:08) – Lists – Man Vs. Computer

A fine Saturday Morning to you.

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