A fine Saturday morning to you all! Looking to binge The Next Reel’s weekend commentary and list-making extravaganza? Here you go!

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The Saturday Matinée

2022-12-03 • Saturday Matinée

Kyle Olson leads the crew of Krissy Lenz and Pete Wright on a journey through holiday entertainment, a Quentin Tarantino first-time-teen-viewer watchlist, and a list of movies of superstar pair-ups that didn’t fly.

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2022-11-12 • Saturday Matinée

Pete Wright heads up Kyle Olson and Tommy Metz for a chat through Saturdays and Matinées, the works of William Gibson, kitcheny and mystery trailers, The Diabolical, and lists of movies we’ll never watch again.

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2022-10-22 • Saturday Matinée

The indomitable Kyle Olson leads Tommy Metz III and Pete Wright for a tour through franchises, trailers with numbers after them (mostly), and a game of pitches that leaves them in stitches!

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