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2021-10-02 • Saturday Matinée

Episode Hosts:

Rob Kubasko leads our entry into our third century with Mandy Fabian and the apparently-satisfying Kyle Olson.

Mandy’s crushing on The Other Two, which is eerily similar-not-similar to Kyle’s current fascination, Y: the Last Man. Rob is here to represent a walk through the CBS crime shows of the CBS television network.

Of the more serious news, ScarJo got paid. The Disney-Scarlett Johansson settlement should quiet the media battle as the two sides come to terms on compensation for Black Widow at its streaming/theatrical release earnings.

The BBC is preparing for what they’re calling an “explosive” 20th Anniversary of Doctor Who in 2023: Russell T Davies — the producer at the wheel from 2005-2009 — will be coming back for the celebration episode and beyond.

And, near the end of the show, Kyle drops a gem in the form of a podcast: Batman: The Audio Adventures. It’s an HBOMax thing, and they team there seems to think you can only get it if you’re a subscriber. But then why did they release it as a podcast? We’ll never know. But seriously, this cast is a who’s who of comedy aces and Jeffry Wright under the cowl? Can’t lose.

Let’s Do Trailers

Rob’s the only one who knows anything about Kurt Warner. Mandy’s trailer proves that doesn’t matter a bit because even if we don’t love sports, we loves us some sports movies. Rob offers snark by way of Hollywood tropes and handsome Rob Lowe. And Kyle brings a trailer that he’s actually picked before, but before you turn off the show, don’t worry because they’ve changed it up enough that it appears the filmmakers were preparing for this week and tried to make it a new movie altogether.

Games! Rob’s Ultimate Movie Monster Show-Down Bracket

“Well, you make a compelling argument.”

Rob brings an epic tour of movie monster history in a bracket that ends with a shocking Final Four Match-up between Draculas, Mummies, Frankensteins, and Werewolves.

THE LIST: Annoying Children

No, it’s not a great week for the kids. It turns out our trio has strong feelings about the worst children in movies… even if those children weren’t out to be the worst. Sometimes, they just can’t help it.

Mandy’s List

  1. Weird Science
  2. Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
  3. The Toy

Kyle’s List

  1. Jerry Maguire
  2. Jurassic World
  3. Superman Returns

Rob’s List

  1. Clifford
  2. The Lost World
  3. The Mummy Returns
  • 00:00 – Saturday Matinée • 2021-10-02
  • 01:04 – WAAAAAATCHList!
  • 07:08 – ScarJo Gets Paid
  • 09:15 – Dr. Who? Russ Davies THAT’S Who!
  • 13:24 – Let’s Do Trailers
  • 27:32 – Games! The Memorial Rob Kubasko Horror Bracket
  • 01:09:11 – HOUSEKEEPING!
  • 01:11:13 – The List: Annoying Children!
  • 01:22:38 – Coming Attractions

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