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Exit Stage Left: Losing Staff with Chris Krueger

This week on the show, Leisa tackles the delicate subject of employee turnover in medical spas. And, as a VERY special occasion, she’s joined by guest, voice of this show, and host of the fake alternate universe podcast, “The Spatula of Honesty,” her partner Chris Krueger. Chris brings extensive experience as a manager and director, working to develop high-performing staffs—which sometimes means letting people go.

Together, they explore why top talent leaves and how owners can better handle departures. The conversation delves into the importance of clear communication, strong leadership, and proper documentation in retaining and managing staff. Krause and Krueger debate the fine line between being friendly and being friends with employees, arguing that maintaining professional boundaries is crucial for effective management.

The episode doesn’t shy away from controversial topics, addressing the need for performance improvement plans and the challenges of firing underperforming staff. It emphasizes the importance of acting swiftly when issues arise rather than allowing problems to fester.

The discussion takes a thoughtful turn as it considers the human element of terminations, advocating for compassion while maintaining firm business practices. It touches on the mental health aspects of job loss and the importance of handling unemployment claims responsibly.

With its blend of practical advice and spicy commentary, this episode offers med spa owners and managers a frank discussion on navigating the less glamorous side of the beauty business, from documentation and legal considerations to the nuances of termination meetings.

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