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Idle to Ideal: Slice Into Downtime in Your Med Spa

This week on the show, Leisa Krauss, your Bitch’n Beautician, dissects the all-too-common issue of wasted downtime in medical spas. With a no-bullshit approach honed over 30 years in the biz, Krauss serves up a smorgasbord of tactics to transform those dead hours into money-making power hours.

Krauss takes aim at the usual suspects—gossiping staff, AWOL employees, and errand runners—and emphasizes the need for a team that’s locked, loaded, and ready for walk-ins. She dishes out a meaty list of downtime to-dos, from client call-backs and inventory control to staff training and treatment room overhauls.

But it’s not just about keeping busy. Krauss wants her people to level up, urging them to hit the books, jump on webinars, and get their learn on. She’s also a big believer in the power of the pow-wow, encouraging staff to put their heads together and brainstorm ways to boost the biz.

Krauss doesn’t mince words when separating the wheat from the chaff. In her world, there are “business builders” and “paycheck collectors,” and she knows which ones are worth their salt. Her advice? Make your expectations crystal clear, and post that list of downtime duties where everyone can see it.

By implementing these power moves, Krauss is convinced that med spas can crank up their efficiency, keep their standards sky-high, and build a team that’s tighter than a drum. Her parting shot? Share the podcast, stay focused, stay sharp, and stay fabulous. Boom.

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