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No More Excuses: Time to Cut the Crap and Elevate Your Clinic Culture

In our first sharp-tongued episode, Leisa Krauss, the Bitch’n Beautician, slices and dices the difference between “Paycheck Collectors” and “Business Builders” in the medical aesthetics industry. Brace yourself for some seriously salty language as Leisa unapologetically calls out the 30% of service providers, managers, and owners who she believes don’t deserve to be in the industry.

Leisa breaks down the telltale signs of Paycheck Collectors, including lack of initiative, minimal effort, low engagement, frequent absenteeism, resistance to feedback, clock-watching, lack of patient focus, resistance to change, poor collaboration, and no interest in professional development. She emphasizes the importance of identifying these individuals early on to prevent them from eroding your practice’s foundation.

On the flip side, Leisa celebrates the qualities of Business Builders and Revenue Generators, such as proactive engagement, high patient satisfaction, strong work ethic, excellent communication skills, initiative for learning, adaptability, strong collaboration, results-oriented mindset, patient retention efforts, marketing savvy, innovation, and leadership qualities.

Leisa urges owners and managers to take a hard look at their own behaviors and create a thriving environment for their A-game players. She doesn’t hold back when calling out doctors who show up late, leaving patients waiting, and stresses the importance of rewarding and celebrating Business Builders to prevent them from becoming your competition.

Get ready for a no-holds-barred episode that will have you reevaluating your team and your own behaviors. Leisa’s sharp insights and unapologetic delivery will leave you inspired to cultivate a team of Business Builders and give the boot to those Paycheck Collectors weighing you down. Tune in now and stay sharp, focused, and fabulous!

Tired of the same old nonsense in the aesthetics industry? Craving unfiltered insights to take your practice to the next level? Look no further than The Scalpel of Truth Podcast, hosted by Leisa Krauss, The Bitch’n Beautician.